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Coordination Mechanism on Prevention of Trafficking in Women and Children

in two districts in the Republic of Bulgaria


Applicant organization/coordinator:  Assosiation Center Maria – Gorna Oryahovitza, Bulgaria

Co-beneficiariy: Assosiation Naya – Targoveshte, Bulgaria

Durasion: 39 months  (Amendment № 2 to Grant Agreement / 21.09.2015)

Territorial scope: 15 municipalities in two districts of the Republic of Bulgaria (10 in the District of Veliko Turnovo and 5 in the District of Turgovishte).

Major objective of the project: To create a model of prevention and counteraction against violence and trafficking in women and children on the territory of the two Districts - Veliko Turnovo and Turgovishte.

Specific objectives:

1. to assist in reducing the risk of involvement in trafficking of women and children from all municipalities in the District of Veliko Turnovo and the District of Turgovishte;
2. to enhance the capacity of professionals from the comprehensive schools and institutions of the two districts for working on the prevention of violence and trafficking in women and children;
3. to raise the awareness and sensitivity of society on the issue and its involvement in specific activities on the topic.

* Work meetings of the multidisciplinary teams in the 15 municipalities of the two Districts to develop network capacity of professionals from different institutions and organization working on prevention of violence and trafficking in every town;

* Trainings for prevention of violence and trafficking in women and children: for professionals from institutions, children and young people from comprehensive schools and social institutions, for unemployed young women;

* Implementation of information and thematic campaigns "Be informed", issuing of information and prevention materials (publications, brochures, booklets, posters, video, professional manual);
* Preparation and signing of cooperation agreements among institutionas and NGO from
the two districts in their activities against violence and human trafficking.

* Closing conference for the announcement of the results.

Nummber and type of the perticipants  over  7000 people

Direct beneficiaries:

*Students and young people aged from 10 to 18 years of large and small settlements from different ethnic backgrounds, with varying degrees of literacy from incomplete families or without families in institutions and community based social services fifteen municipalities in both areas;

*Specialists of the 15 municipal multidisciplinary teams working on cases of violence against women and children - representatives of the "Social Assistance" / Divisions "Child Protection", the municipal administrations of the Regional offices of the Ministry of Interior, NGOs;

*Professionals working directly with children - teachers, school counselors, school psychologists from mainstream schools, social workers from social institutions and social services for children, representatives of local committees to combat delinquency of minors, police inspectors and medical professionals;

*Permanently unemployed young women below 35 years from small towns in the 15 municipalities in the Veliko Turnovo and Turgovishte District, registered in Labour offices and seeking employment abroad; 

Indirect beneficiaries:

Employees in institutions and local judiciary, law enforcement, employers who may be in contact with potential victims of trafficking, GPs, media - use the results of the pattern of cooperation on the issues of human trafficking;

Wider community - with an increased level of awareness and sensitivity to the risk factors and the true dimensions of trafficking in women and children.



As a result of the implemented activities we created a model for effective use of the integrated approach in the work of institutions and NGOs for the implementation of horizontal methods and tools necessary for preventing and combating trafficking in the districts of Veliko Tarnovo and Targovishte, which is the main objective of the Project. The increased knowledge and skills of students and unemployed women, as well as increased public awareness through spred materials helped to limit the risk of involvement in trafficking of women and children from all municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo and Targovishte. The acquired knowledge and skills of professionals during the trainings and multidisciplinary team meetings increased the capacity of the professionals from mass-schools and institutions from both areas to work on prevention of trafficking of women and children.

The Project has achieved its stated objectives. It has established a sustainable coordination system in the two districts by: Creating a model of partnership between the two organizations, working on the subject of prevention of trafficking; Sustainable opposition to conservative patriarchal attitudes towards victims of violence and trafficking;  Expanding the community of citizens and organizations, committed to the mission of the organization; Increasing the activity of partnering (citizens and organizations); Asserting the multidisciplinary approach; Continuous assessment of the necessity of services and activities in the districts;  Developing the capacity of all participants in the Project

The Project has involved many more participants than the planned, the majority of which – vulnerable with-more-than-one-symptom groups – poverty, ethnic origin, isolation, lack of parental care. The organizations reached new marginalized risk groups of children without parents and unemployed women, from depopulated and isolated regions in Bulgaria, which could not be reached by other services. Total trained 5687 children and young people in both areas (in 4500 planned). They have mastered the knowledge of trafficking and violence, ability to recognize signs of sexual abuse, restrict contacts with strangers everyday and the Internet. Instead of the planned trainings in 20 schools covered 68 professionals who wish to participate in training for an inter-work are at times more than planned in the project. In scheduled training for 60 teachers, school counselors, school psychologists in training were involved is 420. Increased activity of participants because it created an environment for sustainable development and confidence.


The project has proven that prevention of violence and trafficking is the most effective approach to dealing with the problem as it leads to early diagnosis and successful interevntsiya victims. The expanded scope of the project include much more than the planned number of participants, enabling through training to empower vulnerable groups in remote isolated areas of the two areas. Expanded professional community is committed to combat trafficking and violence by applying a multidisciplinary approach. There is a sustainable motivation in teams of both organizations for the continuation and development of prevention to include children's participation as an effective method of operation.

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